Inclusion & Diversity In The Arts.

Art with a purpose.

The ArtABILITY program, which sees over 500 participants a week, empowers students by tapping into their natural creative abilities and encouraging them to create their own masterpieces and channel their emotions and feelings through their artwork. We inspire people of all ages and all abilities to reach beyond their limitations to explore their own creativity, and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the arts. The ArtABILITY class programs include art, clay and music classes. These are a series of classes that introduce students to the lives of famous artists and the challenges they overcame through their art.

We strive to educate the community about the remarkable talents of people with differing abilities. The result is a collection of incredibly unique and expressive artworks where each piece tells a remarkably personal story of each artist. The original creations of our students are included in the ongoing ArtABILITY exhibition at recognized art galleries and facilities across the tristate throughout the year. At the end of each year, the work is proudly exhibited at Spirit’s on-site gallery as well as at their respective partner facilities. These shows really make each and every student feel acknowledged, appreciated, and celebrated.


ArtAbility on Tour is a traveling art exhibition organized by the Spirit of Huntington Art Center that showcases the talents of over 50 individuals on Long Island living with various physical and cognitive impairments to promote inclusion and diversity in the arts.

Agora Gallery, NYC

Fiserv, Berkeley Heights

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The artwork our students create are available for sale in various prices, print sizes and formats.

Proceeds from the sales of our ArtABILITY Shop will go directly back to the Art Center and its partner organizations in an effort to support the enrollment of more participants and to create similar opportunities for members of the varied abilities community.


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Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding sales, prints/originals, the tour schedule or for just more information about our exhibition. We welcome journalists, bloggers, reporters, writers, and influencers to visit our center and learn about how creative expression can transform lives.