George Gach – Untitled (Ship I)


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George Gach
Untitled (Ship I), 1963
Ink on paper
H: 23″ x W: 17″

GEORGE GACH (1909-1996) Born in 1909 in Hungary, George was the son of sculptor Stephen Gach. George was noted for sculpture, impressionist painting and teaching. Among his sculpture subjects are portrait busts of prime ministers, governors, corporate presidents and soccer stars. He served as a commercial pilot from 1939 to 1952. and in 1944, was shot down and given up as dead. He was also in prisoner of war camps twice during World War II and then in 1947, was almost imprisoned by the communists in Hungary.

Gach graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest in 1939, and then immigrated to the United States.


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